onsdag 20 april 2011

Grim Scary Movement of Jah People

Fuck, Macabre are playing tonight and i can't afford to go there. I have looked forward to this event since me and my girlfriend missed them the last time in 2004, those tickets are unused and sometimes i just look at them and cry a little.

And now... it is happening again. Haven't bought tickets this time though.

I will put on Grim Scary Tales (on double 10", how awesome isn't that?) later and hope that the gig sucks, haha

Still waiting to mix the Crypt Of The Zombilord recording, will be the best release of 2011!!!! (Black Widow are releasing a new album... they might top our record, but not any other band)

np: Toxic Holocaust - March From Hell (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDonCHPVM7Q)

torsdag 31 mars 2011

Doomed To Extinction - Demo

A download for those of you that are left reading my blog

a demo with excellent Doomed To Extinction. Check it out!

np: Diskonto - Kuk Fitta Majonässås (didn't find a clip on youtube, buy the record)

onsdag 30 mars 2011

Metalcore and Trall"punk"

well, i like almost all kind of music, but i just can't like this whole metalcore thingy. (deathcore or whatever, sounds exactly the same).

What is it with many of these bands having three random words as their band name? It's like they're so boring that they just sit with a dictionary and flip through the pages and point at three random words. "Ah, perfect Tom! That'll be our name! Sharks Beating Skinheads"

Three random words i say? what do i mean?

I don't know, maybe some of these bands actually have a meaning or something behind their choice of name, but i don't think so.

Arise And Ruin, As Forever Fades, August Burns Red, Bleed The Sky, Blood Order Company, Color The Promises, Cry For Silence (shut the fuck up and there will be silence), Cursed By Moonlight, Dancing With Paris, Dark Day Dungeon, Destroy The Champion, Destroy The Runner, Farewell To Arms, Fate Is Dying, Feel Burning Inside, Forever Is Forgotten, Guard Your Steps, Hate World Hero...
You get the deal, right?

I Will point my finger in an Anal Cunt-CD i have right beside my, the three words my finger stops at, that will be my next band's name. Okay, here we go:

One Ended Basement - Sounds like those other i wrote up there...

In my younger days i could just buy a record without ever hearing the band before, but since this metalcore thingy came up i can't do that anymore. I can, but just not some records. If i see that the band have three names in their band name... then i skip it.

In Sweden we have this thing called trallpunk, it has nothing to do with punk what so ever, they had really bad names as well: De Lyckliga Kompisarna (The Happy Friends), Köttgrottorna (Meat Caves), Räserbajs (Racer poop), Varnagel (don't know what their name is in english, but something crappy of course), Skumdum (can mean a few things, all are bad), Senap (Mustard), Radioaktiva Räker (Radioactive Shrimps).
All these bands sucks big time. Happy middle class kids singing about mustard on their sausages isn't anything for me.

I have complained enough... For now

np: Wehrmacht - Balance Of Opinion (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZqHxtekLVE)

tisdag 29 mars 2011

Wolf's Lair Abyss

I really fucking despise the place where the bands i play in rehearse. Today when i played with Banal Anal the drum kit was... shite. One ride cymbal (they have had that dirty old fucker since i started to play there, in 2002-2003 or something like that) that sounds like garbage and one crash cymbal that is garbage. Completely destroyed and sounds like you are hitting a metal can.
The amplifiers to the guitars doesn't work all the time either. I just get so sick everytime we are about to rehearse.
It would be great to have an own place, so i guess the hunting starts now. Would be sweet to have my own drum kit.

Anyway, Crypt Of The Zombilord will probably enter the studio on Friday if everything goes like it is supposed to. Be prepared for 8 songs of slimy punk 'n' grinding thrash attack.

np: Bone Gnawer - Cannibal Cook-Out (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2GOMdh9Cg4)

lördag 26 mars 2011

Past concerts and broken beer bottles - Part 2 - The rest of the best

The sequel


10/4 - Brunch, Sterile Creed and Retur - No memory of this, but i am sure i attended this gig, haha

15/5 - Rentokiller, Spank The Cheese and Snorting Maradonas - No memory of this one either. Seen all the bands a dozen of times so it's hard to remember anything. Rentokiller is (was?) always a blast to see though.

25/9 - Mögel, Guineapigs and Mimikry - Pretty sure i was there since i like Mögel. I really despise Mimikry though so i didn't see those fuckers, i was probably outside drinking beer in the hot sun... and fought the law... and I won

4/12 - Stabotage, Disruption and Shiftlight - Shiftlight are always a thrill to see. Disruption? have no memory at all, probably sucked. There is only one Disruption and that is Disrupt, 'nuff said.


10/5 - Rentokiller, Dorotea, The Band In The Attic and Brunch - Dorotea sucked. TBITA and Brunch probably sucked too, haha

24/5 - Ethereal (today: As You Drown), Rising Faith and Disruption - These fucking Disruption again, haha. Rising Faith was shitty power metal. At least i think so. Was so fucking wasted this night. Ethereal did a great gig. I was even up on stage singing 2 songs with them, Descend and a cover of La Bamba. Have those two tracks on a cd-r, pretty disgusting, haha. This was the same night me and my girlfriend got together

17/12 - Close-Up Made Us Do It Tour: Entombed, Disfear, C. Aarmé and Ethereal - This was a real treat. Disfear rocked the fucking stage and Entombed as well. L-G was so wasted this evening. He asked if someone got a cigarrette, i gave him one and for that he asked what song i would like to hear and i got to sing it with them!! I said Scottish Hell, the great cover of Dead Horse. They did it, gave me a microphone and i was thrilled!


1/2 - (International) Noise Conspiracy and Dorotea - Remember my mates were going to Gothenburg this evening to see Napalm Death. I stayed home and went to see T(I)NC instead. They did a great show, the audience were out of control. Remember the organ fell over on stage a few times. Poor girl who played it, she looked scared. And oh, Dorotea sucked this time too

23/2 - Radio Russia, Maggoo, Lupin and Less Is More - Only went because of Radio Russia. Great reggae/ska.

13/3 - D.S.-13 - Great!!!!!!! I'm a cop - i lie, i lie I'm a cop - i cheat, i cheat

20/4 - Heldback, Disco Volante, Radio 69 and Set My Path - Some great memories from this evening. Heldback were awesome as usual. After every Heldback concert i had bruises all over my body, looking like a punching bag. Disco Volante were a nice treat, Radio 69 and Set My Path as well. Hardcore, Punk Rock, Rockabilly punk and xHardcorex.

17/6 - Tear It Up, Dtakters, Ausländer and Karate Kid - The only band i really remember is Dtakters. Krig är punk och jag är fan punkare

24/7 - In Ruins Of, Rentokiller and Shiftlight - ....

14/9 - PG 99, Rentokiller and Eternal Chaos (later Ethereal and now As You Drown) - Haven't got any memories left from this


20/1 - Heldback, Rentokiller, Within Reach and Dorotea - Dorotea sucked, Within Reach were average, didn't play any of their great songs. Rentokiller killed and Heldback slayed

23/2 - Mescalitos, Henry's Pub and Weyland Yutani - ...

31/3 - Radio Russia, Twilight Age, Rapeseed and A. Johansson - ...

18/5 - Haunted, Source and Shiftlight - Only remember The Haunted. When they had Marco Aro in the band. They should have kept that man. Intense as hell

26/6 - D.S.-13, E.T.A. and Prismatic - One of the best gigs i don't remember.

20/10 - Conviction, Crystal Eyes and Shiftlight - ...

17/11 - Plastic Pride, Rentokiller and Weyland Yutani - ...

15/12 - Dog Almighty, Rapeseed, Ewing Oil and Dusty Five - ... Dog almighty probably delivered. They were a great ska band


30/1 - Heldback - If my memory only were better

18/4 - Plastic Pride, Blindside, Carnated, Outbreak and Break Quintet - I remember that Heldback played this evening too, or did they? This was a great night indeed, great hardcore all night long

6/5 - Entombed, Beseech and Fierce Conviction - ...

9/12 - Liberator, Dog Almighty and Radio 69 - Don't remember much except for the "Liberator-loska" i did on the walk home

They haven't got Mikk Jagger & The Mongos on the site. It was one of the best gigs i ever seen. A bassplayer, a drummer and a singer. They were all covered with toilet paper and delivered these 1 second "long" songs.

onsdag 23 mars 2011

Past concerts and broken beer bottles

I was looking through Rockborgen's concerts they have arranged over the years: http://www.rockborgen.se/faq/konserter.htm

I had forgot about so many concerts i've been to over the years so it was nice to look through

21/4 - Etheral (Now they listen to the name As You Drown...), Marionette and Kentaur. Have no memories of this gig but i can assure you i was there.

20/9 - Les Anges Perdues, Decimate, Shiftlight, Punk Rock Unit 69 and Lemmut. Remember this gig, was a nice evening. The concert wasn't at Rockborgen but outside Parken. Was quite drunk but liked all the bands that played. Les Anges Perdues song Rock 'N' Roll Penis made my day.
4/11 - Junkyards, Krakow Kasanovas, Redblack and Abnorm. Yeah, i remember this a bit. I should, since i played in Abnorm. This concert was at Parkaden. The abnorm set was horrible... Nuff said
18/11 - 2 Minutes To Midnight, Insangel and Inzane. Well, i was so drunk and the bands sucked so i was outside drinking instead.

7/2 - Close-Up Made Us Do It Tour: The Haunted, Insision and Totalt Jävla Mörker. This gig was awesome. Or at least parts of it. Totalt Jävla Mörker is garbage but Insision did a hell of a show even though they got no response from the audience, that's how it is in Borås. You can't play great death metal 'cause no one here likes that stuff. I was amazed anyway and stood alone in the front headbangning and chanting. After their set me & my girl talked with the singer Carl Birath a while. I purchased an Insision-lighter and a Diskonto LP. The bass player in Insision (Daniel Ekeroth) used to play in Diskonto so i was just thrilled when i found that they sold Diskonto stuff.
26/2 - Hathor, Lemmut and Votary. Have no memory of this, but i was probably there
14/5 - Transport League, Arte Agresivo and Ethereal. Loved Transport League's set. Even though they didn't play Cosmical Satanical it was still great.
10/9 - Rentokiller, Hypergoliq and Johanna Lillvik with Band. Don't remember much of this either. Just remember that Johanna Lillvik spellbounded me. That sweet voice!
3/12 - Hathor, Decimate and The Gordon Project. Don't remember much of this. Gordon project sucks so i wasn't in seeing them. Remember i talked a bit with 2 of the members in Hathor and bought a 7"

20/3 - Rockborgen 30 Years Anniversary - Träd, Gräs & Stenar, Råttorna, Weap. I remember this very well. Although i think there was one more band playing. Well, anyhow, Råttorna did a reunion thingy. They hadn't played together since the 80's or something. They were great. Weap were total shit, as most of Borås' local bands. Träd, Gräs & Stenar was... weird. Very old men standing there with homemade instruments. Everybody in the audince look stoned. I imagined a "little woodstock" in my head. They had written a special song for this gig and the song was around 30 minutes long... yeah, great though. They did their awesome Beatles cover Day Tripper with swedish lyrics called Röd Avgång.

I will do a part 2 of this because i don't feel like write anymore now.

NP: Vanilla Fudge - Ticket To Ride http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaHo4rFH_VU

söndag 6 mars 2011


This is a project I had with the former bass player in Abnorm, Andrej. The project is called Disnorm.

We recorded some songs one night in the studio and i have only uploaded this track to youtube. The track is called "Rajoitettu Ydinsota" but is NOT a Rattus cover.

Myself - Vocals, Drums & Guitar
Andrej - Guitar

torsdag 3 mars 2011

You Wanted The Best, You Got The Rest!!

Tommy Thayer (looks like a clown), Ace Frehley, Eric Singer, Peter Criss

I was sitting here and thinking about KISS, you know, the hottest band in the world. I love their records (all of 'em, although Hot In The Shade isn't the best one...).

I like the line-up that is today with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer. Eric is a very talented drummer and singer and Tommy is a very great guitar player. Yet I can't stand that they are not only wearing Ace Frehley's and Peter Criss' make up but also acts like Ace & Peter. Fuck that, i just think it's embarrassing. I would prefer to see Kiss take off their make-up again or give Tommy & Eric their own characters. Vinnie Vincent and Eric Carr got their own characters and make-up. I guess the average "fan" doesn't know at all that it's not the original line up that they're seeing perform.
It would be pretty interesting to see how many "fans" that would still go to a show if they took their make-up off.

It may look like i dislike the band but that's not the case, i just don't like that Eric & Tommy are wearing their make-up and costumes.

Hmm... this makes me want to listen through their catalogue right away. Maybe i do and give every album a review.

I come to think of Bill Baker's band Fractured Millenium, they did a song called "Put It Back On" i think. I liked the lyrics to it (this was before the original line-up reunited and put the make-up back on). Imagine the song with the "Do You Love Me" intro.

"There was a band a long time ago, the hottest in the land because of the show, make-up and heels we couldn't resist, put it back on because we want Kiss"

and the best part right after that "No one has tattoos of Bruce Kulick". That always made me giggle.

Anyway, i'm off.

NP: Violent Apathy - Desperation Takes Hold (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCKYix90eCY)

onsdag 2 mars 2011

Campaign For Musical Destruction

Rehearsed with Crypt Of The Zombilord today, went fine. When I came home though my girlfriend asked me what those red spots in my face were. I had no idea what she was talking about so i went to the bathroom and checked my face. It looks like rosacea (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosacea).

It doesn't seem to do any harm though so i guess i can live with it. It says it can be stress-related and fuck, my middle name is stress.

NP: Chronics - Test Tube Baby (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHj45B7g6Xs)

tisdag 22 februari 2011

Guided Cradle - You Will Not Survive

This is a band that started out as an Anti Cimex coverband. Killer songs, makes me wet my pants. if i could write songs like this, goddamn...

and check out this video, recorded at Obscene Extreme Festival in 2005, aaaaaaarrgh!

np: Queen Adreena - Pretty Polly

måndag 21 februari 2011


if you are using Last.fm you can add me there and check my superior taste in music.

np: Asta Kask - Mänskliga Faktorn

fredag 18 februari 2011

Zombies with iPhones

I have to agree with Elk (http://inquisitiveelks.blogspot.com) on this facebook/iPhone thing.

People are writing stuff like "is with Angelica Hermansson in Knalleland". Well, stupid people, you are always telling everyone when you're home and when you're not. Perfect for people who wants to break into you apartment/house/shoebox whatever... Don't understand that at all, why people want to tell everybody where they are all the time.

Alright, anyhow... Crypt of the Zombilord are rehearsing and it's sounding fucking great, you can check out http://www.myspace.com/cryptofthezombilord

I think we will have to book some time in the studio to record our songs, they're killer!

np: Sedlighetsroteln - Samhällets Fiende


onsdag 16 februari 2011

Weapons Of Mass Erection

Alright, bored as i am i thought i would show you my weapons of mass destruction. I don't have anything that fancy, i haven't payed more than 50 dollars for a guitar. Except for the BC Rich one, but my girlfriend got it for me, so it wasn't me who paid, haha.

Overland bass. Had it for as long as i can remember. Plays great , have never had any problems with this bastard. A low budget bass for people like me that can't play too good, haha.

This bad ass is a bad ass, not that good at all. More of a "Wall guitar" than an actual guitar. Can never be tuned, sounds bad when you play it, etc. But at least it looks cool right? It's a Duke SG, and from what i can understand, Duke's guitars are pretty awful.

This is my BC Rich KKV, Kerry King signature. I'm not into that tribal shit, but hey, i couldn't resist a BC Rich, and definitely not one from Kerry Fucking King. A great player, sounds great, looks great... i could make love to that all night long. Electric Funeral and Desperat stickers to "punk" it up, haha. Shoot to kill

My main guitar, is a pretty special Gordon-Smith, it's a GS with an Explorer head. I e-mailed Gordon-Smith and asked them about this special thingy, here's the reply:

"Serial No. 02608 is a custom GS with explorer head, thick body, in natural satin finish, built September 1987. Body would have been made of Brazilian Mahogany with a Rosewood fingerboard. Have made a few like this but not that many, I'd guess at less than 50 & we are on serial No. 11300 now!

Nice to know it is still around after all these years!"

That was pretty nice to read. It's a great guitar, the only thing i miss is a humbucker, i'm not so much into these single coil microphones. But who am i to say that, i'm a pretty bad guitar player, haha.

I have some more guitars and another bass, but all those are gonna need some loving. i haven't cared to fix them, and i'm not gonna fix them in the future either.

I'm actually most of all a drummer, and have played drums pretty sloppy for about 13 years, but don't own, and never have, a drum kit. I have a digital kit, but that's it.


fredag 11 februari 2011

Satanic Threat

Alright, cheap motherfuckers, here's a download for you. If you like Minor Threat but don't wanna show it, you know - them being straight edge and stuff. Anyhow, this great band sounds a lot like Minor Threat but instead of the sXe thing they have these satanical thing.

pretty cool


torsdag 10 februari 2011

Crypt of the Lord

Banal Anal 2010/2011 - Jimmy - Drums, Mike - Vocals, Robban - Bas, Marko - Guitar, Myself - Guitar
This is me at the hospital, fucked up on morphine, my eyes are just blank. The worst fucking feeling i have ever had in my life.

alright, things happening on the band front.

I have rehearsed with Robban (the guy who plays in every band i play in, haha) and Greg (the only rockstar, we rely on him that we will become famous and get rich. I want some golden studs on my leather jacket), playing some stinky old school grindcore. We go more on the feeling, not "the fastest band wins". We are more like Repulsion than Nasum, we are more like Terrorizer than Lärm.

It is goddamn fun, it is said that i am gonna sing, but our drummer has only rehearsed with us one time, and that was only two songs, so i have mostly played drums.

I will link to a site so you can listen when we have a site.... ehr, and when we have recorded some songs. I'm gonna bring the old school tape recorder with me the next time we rehearse.

And Banal Anal has started again. We haven't played since October/November sometime, since we recorded our SVEKET demo.
We have decided to have Jimmy as a permanent drummer since i was a fuckhead and broke my left shoulder/arm in September and had it hard to play for a while. Now i have decided to focus on playing guitar and we had our first jam just a couple of days ago. It was fun as hell to play guitar, i haven't played guitar in a band for ages, except for my little home projects and shit like that.

take a look over to Greg's blog and say "hi" or anything cheezy like that.

NP: Pork Dukes - Making Bacon

fredag 14 januari 2011

15 months later

15 months later and i'm back, i am considering of starting blogging again. I don't know right. maybe put out some records for you lazy fucks to download, or maybe just write everyday happenings, or both, we will see.

cheers to Andy Agz Rose, that dirty old fucker, check out his blog, best one in a while. Download shite from him and drop a fucking comment if you are downloading, or are you too lazy for that as well?


tisdag 6 oktober 2009

Never mind the punk rock - Here's the Abnörm!

Yeah, I'm a lazy bastard.

Abnorm will be playing in Borås at Kulturföreningen Tåget this Saturday, the 10th. Free entrance. Will be our last concert ever, after that we're going to re-record a few songs for an upcoming 7", then we're dead, so, hey, come and visit us ugly motherfuckers at our last gig!

"Jesus Christ sucked my fucking ass"

lördag 8 augusti 2009

Bloodhammer - Abbedissan Saatanalliset Houreet

I found this one on Attila The Hun's blog, I think. It was so fucking great that i decided to share it on my blog as well. Black metal the way I like it.

Suomi Finland Perkele!
http://www.mediafire.com/file/eljyenlzutm/Bloodhammer - Abbedissan Saatanalliset Houreet -by Samael-.rar

söndag 2 augusti 2009

Stockholm Pigs/Deprophobia - Split

One piece of nice shit!

I know that Stockholm Pigs released this, a 10" and a live 7". I don't have the 10", if you have a copy, give it to me!

http://www.mediafire.com/file/oufzdttdqkm/STOCKHOLM PIGS-DEPROPHOBIA.rar

torsdag 11 juni 2009

Rupture - Brutal Badlands

Alright, it's been a long damn time, but i'm back.

have some albums ripped that i'm going to post here in a near future.

I start with this one, Rupture - Brutal Badlands, a collection of hard-to-get releases from those crazy australian motherfuckers.

lördag 28 mars 2009

V/A - Kill Your Idols - A Tribute To Agathocles

Here's a nice one for you. 15 bands covering Agathocles.

Bands on this compilation includes: Agathocles, Brutal Truth, Groinchurn, Entrails Massacre, Disgust, Malignant Tumour, Rot, Desecration, Necreous, Infectious Break, Cripple Bastards, Lixo Urbano, Nyctophobic, Deviate and Cornucopia.

http://www.mediafire.com/file/bjomntjjwnm/1998 Kill Your Idols (A Tribute To Agathocles).rar

tisdag 10 mars 2009

PUTRID SCUM - Putrid Scum

Grindcore again, or as it says on the backcover "Psychosexualcyberspacefuckgrindsplatterdeathcore"

19 tracks, raw as fuck.

This album was released in 1995, and the members were:

Heinz Herpes The Scumgrinder - Distorted Noise Aggression

Axel The Spacefucker - Vibes + Subsonix

Zoraide The Degenerated Cyberpunk - Chimera-Cans

torsdag 5 mars 2009

V/A - Grind your fucking face

alright, back again.

here are some songs that the grindfreaks will enjoy. SKÅL!


Short songs, why make them longer? brilliant stuff

söndag 22 februari 2009

BASSLESS - Bassless

About damn time i post something new here.

Alright, this was a grindcore/power violence band from Fritsla (near Borås), Sweden.

I saw them live once, and it was killer!

I especially like the vocals, keeps me thinking of Varg Vikernes...

enjoy fuckers, i will update more often now, i think

fredag 6 februari 2009

R.I.P. Lux Interior

The Cramps singer Lux Interior has passed away, 62 years old. He passed away two days ago

Go to their site, write in the guestbook, i guess his wife Poison Ivy would appreciate it!


söndag 25 januari 2009


MARKO NISKA's new blog. Three very great records to download at the moment. A Newstarted site. Great shit

torsdag 22 januari 2009

ABNORM - Varför?

4 Låtar med ABNORM inspelade i samma veva som när vi släppte 3-way spliten med RAJOITUS och ZUDAS KRUST. Dessa låtar skulle ha hamnat på nån comp., men som vanligt fick vi inte reda på om compen släpptes eller inte, inte första gången detta händer oss.

4 tracks with ABNORM. These tracks were supposed to be on a compilation, but as usual we didn't get any information if they released the compilation or not, this is not the first time it's happened to us. anyway, enjoy this piece of shit. We're entering the studio in 3 days to record new songs for an upcoming 7" with new bassplayer Robban.
Oh, and by the way, a cover is included. MODERAT LIKVIDATION - White Rastas

torsdag 1 januari 2009


Sorry for not posting any new music in a month. You wanna help out? Send me some music i can post to svett_punk@hotmail.com and i will put it on this site. My computer won't let me rip any records at the moment, will fix this as soon as possible

tisdag 2 december 2008

FARTZ - Because This Fuckin' World Still Stinks...

bra skit. Duff McKagan spelar trummor på några låtar... Han blev senare mycket mer känd som basist i GUNS N' ROSES och VELVET REVOLVER

Good shit. Duff McKagan play drums on some of the tracks... he later became much more famous as a bass player in GUNS N' ROSES and VELVET REVOLVER

tisdag 11 november 2008

DAVID PEEL & THE SUPER APPLE BAND - John Lennon For President

Skiva från 1980. Gästartister är bl.a. John Lennon, Yoko Ono och Tiny Tim. Det enda Tiny Tim gör är att viska "imagine" i låt nummer 10. Innehåller en bonuslåt. (The pope smokes dope)

Record from 1980. Guest artists includes John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Tiny Tim among others. The only thing Tiny Tim does is to whisper "imagine" on track 10. Includes a bonus track. (The pope smokes dope)

http://www.mediafire.com/file/ihvumiy5wmm/David Peel & the Super Apple Band.rar

lördag 8 november 2008

TOTALITÄR - Ni Måste Bort!

Totalitär, behöver inte tillägga nåt mer. Inte detta omslag jag har på min utgåva av albumet, men hittade inte det andra omslaget, plus att jag inte har nån scanner så jag kan scanna in mitt omslag...

Totalitär, nothing more to add.

torsdag 6 november 2008


Ruptures sista inspelning med Jeff Clayton från ANTISEEN på sång.

The last recording Rupture did. Jeff Clayton from ANTISEEN sings.

I wanna thank Robban for ripping this one for me

DISRUPT - Unrest

Tokrens! 2 manliga sångare och på vissa låtar en kvinnlig, låter hur jävla bra som helst!

Mangel! 2 male singers and on some tracks one female, sounds so fucking great!

GENOCIDE SS - Hail The New Storm

Gött mangel. Mieszko från NASUM var med i bandet, men detta är fan mycket bättre än NASUM!

Great mangel. Mieszko from NASUM was in the band, bu this is a hell lot of better than NASUM!

måndag 3 november 2008

JOHN HOLT - Police In Helicopter


GUIDANCE OF SIN - Soulseducer

Svensk mid-tempo-döds.

Swedish mid tempo death metal.

ONE WAY SYSTEM - All Systems Go

Engelskt band som släppte denna skivan 1982. Denna utgåva har 9 bonuslåtar tagna från EPn "Stab The Judge", två B-sidor som inte var med på LPn och fyra outgivna demospår.

English band who released this album in 1982. This edition has got 9 bonus tracks which are taken from the ep "Stab The Judge", two non LP B sides and four unreleased demo tracks.

SETHERIAL - Endtime Divine

Svensk black metal.

Swedish black metal.

TRASHMONKEYS - The Trashmonkeys

Surfrock/Garagerock. Vet väldigt lite om bandet. Allt jag vet är att plattan släpptes 1998 och att dom har spelat förband åt CRAMPS.

Surf Rock/Garage Rock. Don't know anything about this band except that this record was released 1998 and that they have played as opening act for the CRAMPS.

söndag 2 november 2008


Så vitt jag vet så släppte detta bandet bara denna skivan. Riktigt bra framförd black metal från Borås. Släpptes 1998.

As far as I know this is the only record the band released. Very good black metal from Borås, Sweden. Released 1998.
http://www.mediafire.com/file/tintmy15mym/Eternal Autumn - The Storm.rar

DAVID PEEL & THE APPLE BAND - The Battle For New York

Hippien David Peel spelade in denna skivan för att försöka göra Howard Stern till guvernör för New York City. Släpptes 1994.

The hippie David Peel recorded this album to make Howard Stern a governor for New York City. Released 1994.

lördag 1 november 2008

V/A - Kompott #1

slängde ihop lite låtar som spelats mycket här det sista.

some songs that have been played alot lately.

1. DISCLOSE - Attack The Enemy

2. DISLICKERS - The Final Apocalypse

3. UNHOLY GRAVE - Consuming Endoderme Pus (AGATHOCLES)

4. SIEKIERA - Rana Kluta

5. MAHO NEITSYT - Punk Punk Punk

6. RATTUS - Horror Business (Live) (MISFITS)

7. HELLNATION - Violent World


9. RUPTURE - Brain Of Buds


11. BRODY'S MILITIA - Deserved Results

12. SYPHILITIC VAGINAS - Shred Uranium Pussy

13. NEGAZIONE - Cannibale

14. NECROS - Police Brutality


16. MARDRÖM - Despise War

17. LARS LANGS - Du Snackar

18. GISM - Syphilitic Vaginas (Live)

19. FUCK ON THE BEACH - Total Control

20. ANAL CUNT - You've Got Cancer

21. HELDBACK - The Kids Are Getting Big

22. PAUL DENNIS - Tänk Att Va Lektyrfotograf

23. SPAZZ - Musica De La Roca

24. RAJOITUS - Sota On Täällä (Live)

25. INFARKT - En Varelse Av Skit

26. RAKITIS - Trendhora

27. PATARENI - Last Caress (MISFITS)

28. PATARENI - Obrovci

29. ELECTRO HIPPIES - Wings Of Death

30. SLAKTATTACK - Bergsjön

31. DISARM - Dödad

32. WARSORE - War Paint

33. RAJOITUS - Förtryckare (KRUNCH)

34. AUKTION - Jag Nekar I Graven


36. STANX - Last 5 Minutes

fredag 31 oktober 2008

CHAOTIC DISCHORD - Their Greatest Fuckin' Hits

Ytterligare ett band som Marko Niska fick mig att börja lyssna på för massa år sen, gillar du tidig 1980-tals punk så bör du även kunna gilla denna samlingsskiva.

Another band that Marko Niska hooked med up to a lot of years ago. If you like early 1980's punk rock, then you will probably enjoy this collection as well

BLOOD - Christbait

Tysk dödsmetal från 1992.

German death metal from 1992.

tisdag 28 oktober 2008

WARCOLLAPSE - Crust As Fuck Existence

Inte det bästa detta bandet har släppt, men är du deppig och känner dig värdelös så ska du fan lyssna på denna miniskiva

Not the best this band has released, but if you feel low and feel worthless, then this record is for you sucker

RUPTURE - Cunt Of God

Bra rens. har ni inte, så köp direkt. det bästa pojkarna har gett ut.

Great MANGEL! if you don't own this one, go buy it now! the best these boys ever managed to release.

HELLNATION - Fucked Up Mess

Skitsnabbt, skitrått, skitbra!

Fast as hell, raw as hell, good as fuck!

ANTISEEN - 15 Minutes Of Fame - 15 Years Of Infamy

en samling med svåråtkomliga sjutummare. njut för fan

a collection with hard to get seven inches. enjoy


måndag 27 oktober 2008

KAAOS - Ismit

Lite annorlunda, men vad fan, det är Kaaos!

a little different, but what the fuck, it's Kaaos!